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Where Others Have Failed… Rentmoji™ Has Succeeded!

Many companies have tried and failed at creating a robust system needed for analytical and management reasons, while also having a process simple enough for vendors and external members to use.


Rentmoji™ Real-Time Vendor Tracking App

Our vendor apps makes live tracking possible, which provide the ability for real time status updates.
Our step by step work order management process creates a task-driven approach, which provides the ability to monitor in real time where in the process a work order is at any given time.


Rentmoji™ Vendor Tracking Features

Let’s say a frustrated resident calls and asks where the technician is, the same technician who was supposed to be at the residence 30 minutes ago. Historically, you’d request to call the resident back and try calling the technician, hoping and praying he will answer the call to give you a status update. Good news: With our software, this process is eradicated.


You will now be able to track each vendor and their location in real time and while they’re on the clock, so that you can give the resident a time on when the technician will be there.


This is done by an app on the vendor’s phone, the same app which provide vendors the ability to schedule real-time, but also the capability to update work orders in real time.


Step-By-Step Vendor Process

Imagine taking the difficulty of training and learning curve for new full time or even contracted technicians completely away. This is what we’ve done with our advanced “Step-By-Step” process for vendors.

All a technician has to do once the work order has been approved by them is to follow the steps, and the work order will proceed as they complete necessary information for the work order along the way.

It is really that simple.


Rentmoji™ Ticket / Work Order System

Our system was created so that you will never lose any information throughout the process and completion of a work request.
This includes the amount of times a tenant was contacted before work began, the amount and price of materials used, the amount of labor hours worked, and much more. Our “Ticket/Work Order” system lets us manage not only the work request, but all situations under the umbrella of that request.

Robust Scheduling System

It is common in the maintenance industry for scheduling and rescheduling to occur because of resident and technician availability. Usually, it is updated in systems by changing the date, and that can be done in Rentmoji™ as well, but we also decided to take it to the next step.

Reporting and Analysis

As with all our software, we pride ourselves on the analytics we provide. With our robust reporting, we have the ability to analyze and examine any and every aspect of maintenance. This includes days in specific queues, portfolio breakdown of maintenance requests by date, breakdown of maintenance request categories, and much much more.

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