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All-In-One Property Management Platform


All-In-One Property Management Platform

Rentmoji™ is a robust single source solution specialized for residential rental properties.


Rentmoji™ reduces DOM by automating listings, lead harvesting and lead management to leasing agents in real time, all available through the mobile application…


Rentmoji™ provides the ability to manage any request and all technicians associated with a property, having the ability to detect action items and resolve any maintenance issues…


Real Estate Management Fun, Easy and Rewarding!

Never has maintenance management been easier with our vendor and work order management system. Our full fledged accounting module gives you the ability to complete transactions right within Rentmoji™

Rentmoji™ Platform

Rentmoji™ is the first institutional grade Property Management software available to main street investors.  Rentmoji™ improves scaled property management operators getting them organized and effective, all while dramatically reducing administrative overhead and saving time.

Rentmoji™ utilizes a SMART methodology platform, mapping out each vertical by automating property syndication, lead harvesting, resident screening, document storage, maintenance workflow management, vendor management, accounting and more.

Rentmoji™ was designed by institutional level operators to manage multiple markets and regions all while centralizing property management activities. Rentmoji™ has taken those same systematic principles and incorporated them for main street managers and investors.

Rentmoji™ Syndication

Reach millions with our syndication network

Rentmoji™ Advantage

We are the game changer in the residential rental real estate industry. As a secure, scaleable, cloud-based solution with real-time reporting, there is no end to what Rentmoji™ can do for a real estate business.

Its innovation cycle ensures tenant life expectancy which forms the foundation for any strong real estate company. Rentmoji™ is the epitome of innovation that will shape the future of the real estate industry.

Rentmoji™ Revenue Model

Our revenue model focuses on a SaaS offering. Rentmoji™ offers a vertically integrated solution that includes IVR, SMS, listing syndication, payment processing, resident screening, resident credit reporting and field tech mobile solutions.

Rentmoji™ provides a customize-able product or suite that is most required to build productivity and profitability for your organization.

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