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  Rentmoji™ is a robust single source property management solution specialized for residential rental properties.

We are a catalyst for streamlining residential rental property management, Rentmoji™ suite of products serves to perform one task, seamless interaction. By managing and systematically improving communication with vendors, residents and homeowners, Rentmoji™ Suite of products allows you to maximize your business performance.

Rentmoji™ is a response to Real Estate Technology Necessities

A multitude of organizations are spending fortunes to manage all functions of their property management systems. However, this expenditure has not returned their anticipated ROI.

Such fragmented and unconnected solutions do not build tenant life expectancy, mainly resulting from a lack of customer experience and use of inefficient communication systems.

We are the answer to this fatigue. While “off-the-shelf” solutions focus on particular aspects of property management, Rentmoji™ centralizes all aspects of the property investment life cycle by systematizing the process into a single application.

The suite forms as an all- in-one solution that helps businesses to increase their efficiency and maximize performance. And By far, its feature rich package makes it the most preferable solution for Single Family Rentals, Multi-Family Rentals, CAM and HOA management.

Rentmoji™ An industry transforming innovation We stay ahead of the innovation curve by focusing on three important aspects: Building user experience: Going beyond property management.

Rentmoji™ suite is packed with features that aim at changing the user experience. The suite goes beyond fulfilling basic property manager needs, but instead is built around the needs and ease of usability to the end customer.

With real time resident updates, notifications to home owners and vendors, the suite aims at creating a seamless interaction, an essential aspect that is non-existent in most solutions in the market.

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Bringing Residents, Property Managers and Vendors closer for better productivity

What other “off-the-shelf” solutions fail to achieve is engagement with tenants. Rentmoji™ suite strives to build transparency across all processes and thereby bring tenants closer to the organization and home owners by creating a seamless communication system.

The suite has great product engagement practices tested over thousands of properties across America, proving Rentmoji™ to be one of the most trusted and efficient property management suites in the market.

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Efficient maintenance management: Increasing productivity and profitability

Since maintenance is a key aspect of property management, the suite utilizes countless features to help residents, vendors and home owners alike by systematizing the maintenance process.

The mobile application aspect also improves customer’s ease of access to important information which is most relevant to them.

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Rentmoji™ Advantage

We are the game changer in the residential rental real estate industry. As a secure, scaleable, cloud-based solution with real-time reporting, there is no end to what Rentmoji™ can do for a real estate business.

Its innovation cycle ensures tenant life expectancy which forms the foundation for any strong real estate company. Rentmoji™ is the epitome of innovation that will shape the future of the real estate industry.

Rentmoji™ Revenue Model

Our revenue model focuses on a SaaS offering. Rentmoji™ offers a vertically integrated solution that includes IVR, SMS, listing syndication, payment processing, resident screening, resident credit reporting and field tech mobile solutions.

Rentmoji™ provides a customize-able product or suite that is most required to build productivity and profitability for your organization.