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Work Order

How to accept a work order

Vendor will be able to view all work order(s) that has been assigned to him by the Admin/Maintenance staff.

The status filter cards in Work Order screen will allow the user to view number of work order(s) in each status. Clicking on a card will apply respective filter to the grid below.

  • 1 Accept Work Order

    Once a work order has been created and assigned to a vendor from the Admin side, it’s up to the vendor to accept/reject the Work order. To accept a work order:

    1. Step1. Navigate to Work order details page.

    2. Step2. Select a preferred inspection time slot.

    3. Step3. Click Accept Work Order button to accept the work order.

  • 2 Decline Work Order

    Vendor can reject the assigned work order by clicking Decline button.

  • 3 View on Map

    The “View on Map” option provided in the work order details page allows the vendor to spot the respective work order’s property location.

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