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Work Order Check-in to Completion

Accepted Work orders moves through a four step wizard before its completed and billed.

  • 1 Check-in

    The vendor check-in to the Work order location for inspection, on the scheduled inspection date

  • 2 Initial Estimate
    1. After Check-in the vendor will be able to provide the initial Estimate. While submitting the initial estimate, vendor will have option to describe in details about the solution he/she suggests to resolve the problem mentioned.

    2. To add labor and material details vendor clicks on Add Estimate Details button.

    3. Vendor will have to add problem images along with the initial estimate.

    4. Vendor submits the Estimate for approval.

  • 3 Schedule Work Order

    Once the initial estimate is approved by the admin, vendor will be able to schedule the work order from the Schedule accordion. The schedule accordion will be in expanded view by default.

  • 4 Maintenance Check-in
    1. Vendor Check in for maintenance as per the schedule.

    2. Vendor will be able to add purchase details after maintenance check in.

    3. On Work order completion the vendor upload final images and work completion comments. The Vendor clicks on Save & Check-out button to generate the invoice and submit for approval.

    4. Once Submitted the Work order is completed and ready to billed.

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