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How to create your own ticket

  • The owner will have option to create maintenance ticket(s) from his/her portal’s dashboard or maintenance screen by clicking “CREATE TICKET” button. Clicking this button the user will be navigated to the ‘Create Ticket’ screen.

    1. Step1: Click on Create Ticket button in Dashboard or Maintenance page. User will be navigated to create ticket screen

    2. Step2: Select property – incase owners has multiple properties; he/she need to select the property against which the maintenance ticket will be raised.

    3. Step3: Select Ticket Priority – Low, Medium, High

    4. Step4: Briefly describe the issue – Type in a title and describe the issue in brief.

    5. Step5: Provide preferred inspection time during which the vendor/inspection staff can visit the work-site and verify the issue. Three different date & time slots can be provided by the resident.

    6. Step 6: Attach problem images, if any.

    7. Step7: Click on “Save” button to save and submit the ticket.