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Auto Payments

How to setup auto-payments

  • 1 Form Dashboard

    Click on the payment button to get started

  • 2 Select Payment Method

    From the popup screen, select “Setup Auto Payments”

  • 3 Payment Amount

    Here you will enter the amount you will be paying each month, set a date note the convenience fee.

  • 4 Banking Details

    Here you will enter your banking information for the direct debit and accept the terms and conditions

  • 5 Bank Account Confirmation

    We will be depositing 2 separate micro deposits into your bank account over the next 48 hours. Once you have entered in those amounts, your auto payment setup will be complete.

  • 6 Bank Account Verification

    Once the 2 small deposits have arrived in your bank account, enter them to verify your account

  • 7 Auto Payments Setuo Complete!

    Your account has been verified and your auto payments are active

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